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Long Time No See!

Hey Everyone! Well as you can see we havent been on for a long time reason being i have been so caught up in freewebs that i just gave up on it and i am now officially at wordpress =) wordpress looks better than freewebs anyways… Also omer quit too 😦 but he is at so you can visit him there too 🙂 Now There is a big update to the site as you can see and theres just everything  LOL so yeah here we are LOL thanks for reading!

Grand Opening!

Hello! Welcome to JetView! A new source for free reviews,blogs,videos,guides and tons more, so this is our first offical blog post and I’d just like to say thanks to Omer who helped me alot with Jetview and I’d also like to thank everyone for visiting! So below is our trailer and what should be coming next to the site :